Hello! My name's Kathie, and I'm a Travel Agent.

I love to travel, especially to Europe, including Scotland, Ireland and Germany.

I started taking pictures when I was 12 when my dad gave me a Brownie camera to use and a hand held light meter. It was Fascinating! (It looked something like this: http://www.brownie-camera.com/45.shtml) My current camera is a Canon Rebel Xti. I used the kit lens for a while and recently purchased a 18-200mm telephoto and rarely take it off!
My website is http://www.americanHolidayPlanner.com. It is targeted at helping people who are traveling to the US from abroad.

I hope you enjoy my pics. Please feel free to add comments and vote. The Avalanche ones are priced at Smugmug's standard pricing and don't have any restrictions on them, but please be considerate and send me a note (I am ksnyders on the Avs fan forum) if you want to use them. The non-Avs pics are my private colleciton and priced accordingly.

(To see prices, select a picture, add it to the shopping cart and view cart. SmugMug will show you a list of prices.)

Please come back. I'll be adding many more photos. Thanks for viewing and enjoy!